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Our Services

Rocafort Electrical Services LLC provides commercial and residential electrical services. We the best trained team of electricians serving the Tallahassee and residing areas. We are licensed in Florida  and an active member of your community.

Whether it’s commercial or residential, big or small, Rocafort Electrical Services LLC,  can do it all!

Electrical Panel Upgrade
Panel Upgrades

Are Short Circuits Trying Your Patience?
Increase your electrical capacity with our Tallahassee, FL-based electrician
3 reasons to change out your old electrical panel

Your electricity keeps short-circuiting. This means that you’re trying to use more power than your electrical panel can handle.
It’s time for an upgrade—call us today!

Your old panel is a potential fire hazard. Don’t put your family in danger.
Eliminate your electrical threat by upgrading your panel with Rocafort Electrical Services.

You’re adding rooms onto your home. Are you adding a bedroom or bathroom onto your home in the Tallahassee area? Ensure your electrical panel can handle enough power by upgrading it.

Are you frustrated with your home’s outdated electrical system? Ensure it works flawlessly by upgrading your electrical panel. If you live in Tallahassee or the surrounding areas, you can trust the job to Rocafort Electrical Services, LLC.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting
Recessed Lighting

Bring Your Home Into a More Modern Light
Choose Rocafort Electrical Services to install recessed lighting in your Tallahassee, FL home
Add value to your home with modern recessed lighting

Bring your home into the 21st century by installing recessed lighting. Not familiar with this type of lighting? Here’s a quick primer: Recessed lighting refers to lighting fixtures that are set within your home’s ceilings or walls. They don’t protrude from your ceiling, but are instead installed into hollow openings.

The benefits of recessed lighting are mostly aesthetic. You can add recessed lighting to your kitchen or bathroom—or, really, any room in your home. Recessed lighting comes in a number of trims, from simple to extravagant. Discover the lighting that best complements your home’s décor by working with Rocafort Electrical Services, LLC in Tallahassee, Florida.

Searching for a quick and easy way to upgrade your home? Install recessed lighting in your Tallahassee home to give it a luxurious, modern vibe. Your effort will pay off when it comes time to market your home to potential buyers. Call Rocafort Electrical Services at 850-509-3650 to get started.

Reimagine Your Tallahassee, FL-Area Home
Choose our residential electrician to help with your remodeling project
How can an electrician help with your home remodeling project?

If you have a remodeling project to complete, your electrician is probably not the first person you’d think to call. But before you’re done with your project, you will probably need one. You can trust our residential electrician to help with your remodeling project in a number of ways.

We can:
Replace your outdated lighting fixtures.
Install recessed lighting in any room.
Upgrade your electrical panels.

Do you want to spice up your kitchen? Are you bored with your bland bathroom? You don’t have to move into a new house to have all the features you really want. Opt for remodeling instead!

When you’re ready to begin your remodeling project in the Tallahassee, Florida area, choose Rocafort Electrical Services, LLC to handle the electrical remodeling work.

Call us today at 850-509-3650 for more information.

Shed Light on Your Electrical Problems
Ask for troubleshooting and repairs in Tallahassee, FL from Rocafort Electrical Services

Trust us with your commercial or residential electrical repairs of any size

Is your home or business experiencing electrical issues?
If you’re located in Tallahassee or the surrounding area, trust Rocafort Electrical Services with the job. We’re proficient in both residential and commercial electrical systems.

If you need electrical repairs, you can trust our electrician to troubleshoot your system. We’ll make any necessary repairs to get your electrical system up and running better than ever. Ready to get started? Call us today or fill out the contact form to get in touch.

Are your lights dim or flickering? Does your electricity short-circuit on a regular basis? If you have an electrical problem, Rocafort Electrical Services, LLC has the solution. You don’t have to put up with your electrical problems and hope for them to go away! Take action by calling us at 850-509-3650.

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Rocafort Electrical Services

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