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Make Sure Your Dreams Are In Trusted Hands.

To make sure that your building project is in good hands from the start, we have defined clear planning steps that give you the greatest possible transparency and peace of mind.
Rocafort Electrical offers all forms of maintenance from our certified electricians. We are quick to respond, trained to handle commercial electrical maintenance needs, and competitively priced with a record of honesty and integrity. Contracts available -Emergency manitenance available. Call or visit our Contact pageā€¦
Jon Rocafort


16 years of experience in Tallahassee.  Jon is a family man and very active in his community

Phone :- +850-509-3650
Email :-    jon@rocafortelectrical.com
Mike Gillespie

Lead Electrician

Mike is one of two lead electricians, who not only supervise the crew but also mentors the apprentices.  Mike brings many years of electrical knowledge and commands a "can do" attitude.

Phone :- +850-509-3650


Apprentice electrician

Scott is one of two apprentices on our crew.  Scott is rapidly picking up the trade and perform at a very high level.  He is in command of his customer relations skills, and is quick to jump in to offer a hand whenever necessary.

Phone :- 850-509-3650


Apprectice electrician

Clint is one of two apprentices on our crew.  He is a quick learner and is always ready and able ot apply his learnings.  Clint never has to be told twice, as he picks up on things very quickly.  

Phone :- 850-509-3650

Brett Bramlett

Lead Electrician

Brett is one of two lead electricians.  He, also, is responsible for training and mentoring the apprectices.  Brett comes to us with many years of experience under his belt.  He is also well versed in customer satisfaction, in fact it is his number one goal.

Phone :- +1 850  509-3650

Rocafort Electrical Services

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