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Who are We?

Get your Tallahassee, FL home or business back up and running with our trustworthy electrician
Don’t take your home’s electricity for granted. If your power is on the fritz, it could prevent you from completing everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and taking care of business. Ensure it’s running efficiently and safely by choosing Rocafort Electrical Services, LLC.
Rocafort Electrical Services LLC  is a family owned and operated business, providing both commercial and residential electrical services. Owner and President of the company, Jon Rocafort, has been an electrician for over XX years. He started Rocafort Electrical Services in 2003 out of his garage.

Here at Rocafort electrical Services, LLC, all of our electricians know how to provide safe, high-quality electrical services. From new residential home construction wiring to commercial build outs and everything in between, our crews are both skilled and experienced and stay on schedule and on budget. Rocafort Electrical Services, LLC is the preferred choice for many companies and general contractors on all types of projects, big or small because we are committed to both quality and safety. Call us today and we’ll come out and do a free estimate for any electrical need you may have!

Rocafort Van
We Are The Best In This Field

  • We have over 16 years experience.
  • Our business has been built on honesty and integrity.
  • Our employees are highly skilled.
  • We deliver what we promise!
  • We are a family owned electrical contractor business in Tallahassee
"I needed someone to wire my carport conversion and my workshop.  Jon to the rescue..
I could not be more pleased with  the quality and professionalism of Jon and his crew"

Joe Pflanz
Rocafort Electrical Services

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